The MOTIVA Difference

  1. We make exercise fun! Our confident, dynamic trainers are sure to make you laugh, smile, and sweat all at the same time! We help you “play” your way to fitness!
  2. Your goals are reached through a total fusion approach: mind, body, spirit are all improved through guidance from knowledgeable fitness pros for a complete transformation. You will be confident, energized, fit, and stress free!
  3. Unbelievable convenience! We come to you and make it easy by providing short and simple yet highly effective routines adapted to your environment and schedule.
  4. Group Fitness classes included with some Personal Training packages - We have unique and exciting classes for all levels! Dancefit, Vitalize, Turbo Muscle Training and more. Plus options to run group classes as part of your corporate event or as a special activity with friends.
  5. Motivation! Be it from music, setting, time, tools, or words of encouragement, Motiva will provide the motivating factors that you personally need to succeed.