Personal Training (1-on-1 or Partner Training)

My approach to training has always been “make it fun and make it work”. I ensure that every individual gets my full attention so that the workout can be custom designed for your goals, your preferences and your schedule.

With the flexibility to hold sessions in your home, your workplace or another convenient location, the barriers to making exercise a part of your life are reduced! Working with a holistic approach to making life changes means you will have a greater chance of maintaining your successes over the long term. Get started now to discover what you are truly capable of!

Personal Training Fees

  • All sessions are 1 hour
  • HST included
  • Contact us to schedule your free 30 minute initial consultation and decide what is right for you!

In home/office (1 on 1)

-Your personal training session will be facilitated by a certified and experienced trainer, with first priority given to your personal circumstances and goals.

-No equipment is necessary but some may be provided by the trainer.

First 3 sessions $190.00
Single session $70.00

OR, save more by buying sessions in bulk. 6, 10 or 15 sessions.

Prices apply within Halifax Mainland and Peninsula only.

Contact us for rates outside of this area.

Small Group Personal Training

-More info coming soon!

Prices apply within Halifax Mainland and Peninsula only.

Special programs can be designed for your group. Why not join a friend, your spouse, or family members and do sessions together? Accountability to someone else has PROVEN results with people reaching their goals.

Contact us for details >>

Personal Training Packages

The "Start Up"

6 PT sessions & 1 hour Fitness Assessment

Actually see and feel results with this intro training package for anyone! All ages and experience levels. Start with a basic assessment of current cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, posture and body shape. Have a program designed specifically for your goals and to fit your lifestyle, plus learn a variety of ways to make your exercise more challenging but still manageable!

On Location (within Halifax Peninsula and Mainland)

Split payments can be arranged. Contact us for special arrangements.