Fitness Classes

Group fitness is one of the BEST ways to have fun while you exercise and as a bonus, you may get to know some great people!

All classes are designed for many different levels and can be adapted for
special populations if requested.

Please contact Motiva if you are interested in attending a class or in hosting one of these classes with a group of your friends or colleagues. Do not be afraid to ask for a class you would like to try!

For class details, scroll down or use one of the following links:

More classes available on request

Fusion Dancefit

This is dance fitness class with EXTRAS! Start with inspiring, fun music, and add fat-burning intervals that include cardio dance moves, muscle training ballet & jazz style, and core training exercises. Finish with a 15 minute yoga-style stretch. No previous experience necessary! ...back to top


YogaFit is a fitness inspired Yoga program to build strength and flexibility. A Hatha based Vinyasa style of Yoga. YogaFit is Yoga for everybody and every body® – a user-friendly yoga offering options for power or ease through various poses and flows. Encouraging us to be in the moment, to let the poses fit to our own bodies, and for us to let go of judgement, expectations and competition. ...back to top

Fusion Boot Camp

A kick-butt cardio and muscle workout based on circuit training, complemented by stretching and relaxation in the form of yoga-based exercises. The perfect total body workout in 75minutes.

Cardio Fusion

A class where you can easily forget you are exercising! This high energy cardio workout will blend basic dance styles, shadow boxing and even step aerobics to create the MOST fun you can have in one class! Themes such as the 50’s Fun, 60’s Rock n’ Roll, 70’s Disco, 80’s Pop, 90’s Dance, and Spicy International Rhythms. Throw in a little core conditioning and you've got the perfect mix of work and fun! Coordination NOT required, just yourself and a sweat towel! ...back to top

Cardio Kickbox

The best way to de-stress after a long day! Non-contact punches and kicks are combined with athletic drills and skipping to make this class a full package workout. All movement to energetic, high intensity music. A safe and effective way to combine aerobic and anaerobic training to see increased muscle definition and weight loss! ...back to top


Burn calories in this multi-level class that takes simple moves and builds them into entertaining but easy routines. Try disco, hip hop, bollywood, latin and much more. New ideas, classic dance moves, energizing music... just like a dance class only in sneakers! ...back to top